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What’s in these projector bulbs?


What’s in these projector bulbs?

Most projector bulbs (lamps) contain highly pressurized chemicals that ignite to create a very bright, energy efficient light output. One of the chemicals used to manufacture projector bulbs is Mercury, which is an extremely toxic heavy metal .

Dangers of Mercury:


Causes burns to skin, eyes and respiratory tract

Fatal if swallowed or inhaled

Harmful if absorbed through skin

Affects the kidneys and central nervous system

Harmful to aquatic life

Bio-accumulates- not biodegradable

We should be responsible consumers!


The use of toxic materials in household items is decreasing. Remember : old thermometers contained Mercury, but newer thermometers now contain another substance (usually a red tinted alcohol) that is safer.


However, when toxic chemicals are used, as is the case with these projector bulbs, we must dispose of them properly to prevent environmental contamination.

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