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How Proper Projector Care Can Extend Your Bulbs's Life


How Proper Projector Care Can Extend Your Bulbs's Life

If you are looking for a way to extend the life of your projector bulbs, the first place to start is by learning proper projector care. When you learn how to take care of your projector, you can extend the life of all of its parts, not only the bulb.

Projector care goes far beyond keeping it clean and dust free, but those are important steps to take as well. Below are some important steps that you should definitely consider doing if you want your lamps to live up to their guarantees.

When it comes to taking care of your projector and thus extending your bulb's life you should;

Step One: Read Your Manual

Read through the manual you received when you purchased your projector. This may sound elementary, but it is a very pertinent to the care of your projector. Various projectors have parts that, while cleaning should not be handled without gloves and each part has a unique use, which requires it to be cared for in a very specific way. Most manuals also have a section on proper projector lamp care, so make sure you pay special attention to that section and learn how to approach your machine before you begin. This will help prepare you to know exactly what to do and how to properly care for your unit.

Step Two: Plan Ahead

All projectors need time to cool down before being handled, even the high-end units. Your best option is to plan the cleaning ahead of time or even the next day. You should never try and manipulate your projector for any cleaning or care when it is warm or still plugged in. This could damage the projector to such an extent that it will make it unable to be used again, or significantly reduce the life of each of the projector's parts, including the lamp.

Step Three: Clean Filters

Not all projectors have filters but those that do require that the filter be cleaned on a regular basis. The manual will tell you the time intervals of which you should clean it.

WHen you're ready to clean the filter, make sure to clean it exactly as your manual tells you to, and replace it before using the projector again (very important). Using a projector without a filter can cause irreparable damage by allowing dirt and dust to settle on the optical parts and rendering the unit completely inoperable.

Step Four: Dust the Unit

Letting dust get into your projector is a resounding no no! You want to ensure that you keep dust off and away from the entire unit when cleaning it. Keep dust off the lens, the intake fan, and the surface that holds the projector. Any dust inside the unit can cause damage that could shorten not only the lifespan of your bulb, the life of the projector as well. It's recommended that you place a cover over the lens which will keep the dust off the unit during storage which leads us to our next point.

Step Five: Proper Storage

Another area of projector care that helps your unit last for many years is proper storage. Since projectors are an investment, your objective is to give it the appropriate maintenance that will ensure it's lifespan for as many years as possible. If you can follow and remember the right steps to cleaning it, you can ensure you get the most out of your investment. Ideally, you should keep the original box your projector came in and use this box for storing it. This box was specifically designed to hold your projector so it only makes sense that you continue to use it when storing your projector. The box comes with the right cushioning to protect it from bumps during shipping which makes it the perfect storage solution.

If you've tossed the box, try to find one that is just slightly larger than the projector you own so the unit does not move around when being stored.

Storage should include keeping the projector dry, away from humidity, and generally cool. Putting your projector in a hot and humid places like an attic storage area during the summer would definitely not be a good idea.

If you take the time to read your manual and apply it's advice on caring for your projector from the day you get it, your investment should last quite a few years and work at it's optimal capabilities. The cleaner and more protected your projector is, the better quality your images will be, and the longer each part of your projector will last.

Proper projector and lamp care can help lengthen the life of them both and ensures your next investment is only another lamp.

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