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If I Smell Burning Should I Replace My Lamp Or Projector?


If I Smell Burning Should I Replace My Lamp Or Projector?

When it comes to owning a projector, smelling something burning usually puts owners in fear that their projector is ruined or about to severely overheat. For the most part this isn't true and everything is going to be OK, but it's important to make sure this is so.

Around 9.9 times out of a ten, when you smell a burning scent when your projector is on and has been running for at least more than 3 minutes, it's usually due to the new and much stronger lamp you've installed burning up dust and debris around it.

To make sure whether or not this is the case, you can follow the instructions on our page about proper projector maintenance and if you follow the instructions you'll quickly be able to determine if it's just dust burning up or if you've got another problem. A good place to start the cleanup process is by getting your vacuum out, and start vacuuming in the inside of the project as much as you can and making sure you don't damage anything in the process.

Then there's the smell projectors release for the first few hours of operation; if you're using your projector for the first time, and smell something you most likely have nothing to worry about.

When burning is a problem

In other instances, the smell of burning could indicate that you've got a big problem. One instance of this is when you've improperly installed your lamp. In such cases it's possible that your lamp is lodged against something on the inside of the projector casing and is burning. When this happens a hot spot quickly develops on the lamps and eventually the lamp will burst.

You're also at risk of destroying your projector if you've spilled something on it and haven't properly cleaned it before you've used it again. If you have, you almost have no recourse other than to get your projector professional cleaned. If you're skilled and patient enough to dismantle and clean every individual part affected by the spill, you can try that but a professional clean will ensure the risk of fire substantially.

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