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The Importance Of Proper Projector Maintenane!


The Importance Of Proper Projector Maintenane!

If you recently went out of your way to purchase a projector, then you likely have all of the dreams that come along with owning it. You want to be able to use it for personal or professional use, or maybe both. You want this projector to last you for years to come, and you want it to work like new the entire time you own it.

Well, the good news is, that can happen if you learn to take care of your projector (and all of its components) the right way. Let's start off with some important tips.

The First Step of Projector Care

First of all, you need to actually go through and read what the manufacturer has to say. Most projectors have a minimum time they need to be on to keep the unit from overheating. Usually this is only anywhere from 5-20 minutes, but it is an important part of projector care that many people do not realize when they first buy a new unit.

Leaving the unit on long enough for the fan to kick on and cool off the projector keeps the entire thing from becoming a hot mess with the potential of damaged parts because of lack of air circulation.

Projector Do's and Do-Not's

When it comes to taking good care of your projector, keep these quick and simple tips in mind.

  • DO: Only use your projector when the weather is stable. Using a projector during extreme hot or cold, high levels of humidity, or in an area where the projector could be overly-exposed to high winds or dust could make even the best projectors fail much sooner than is considered normal.

  • DO NOT: Turn your projector on and off quickly. This can be dangerous for the entire unit, not just the lamp. Even if you only want to turn the projector on to see if the lamp still works, you need to make sure you let it stay on until you have hit that minimum time to safely turn it off.

  • DO: Use your projector in its economy mode if your unit has this mode available. This helps conserve all of the different parts of the projector, plus it lowers the operating costs when using your projector. This extends the life and costs less to use-it's win-win!

  • DO NOT: Cover up your projector with ANYTHING while you're using it. This can cause your projector to overheat and malfunction, and drastically shorten the life of both your projector and its bulb.

  • DO: Clean your projector to make sure it is not getting covered in dust, dirt, or any other harmful substances. This can include cleaning out any filters your unit has according to the manufacturer's instructions, wiping the unit off to keep it clean, and protecting the lens to make sure it is not getting coated. This can also include projector bulb care, which means only ever touching the bulb with a cloth or gloves on so that you do not damage the bulb.

  • DO NOT: Touch your projector's bulb without gloves. This leaves oil on the bulb and can make it to where some spots on the bulb's glass gets hotter than others, potentially weakening the bulb and causing it to burst.

These few tips can help you protect your projector from accidental damage, and it can help you get the most out of your investment. It is not difficult to make sure you always care for your projector properly, and if you make it a habit from the day you make your purchase, it will become engrained in your routine of using your projector.

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