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The importance of cleaning of the air filter in time


The importance of cleaning of the air filter  in time

If the air filter is not cleaned in time, it may affect the brightness, the projector ventilation is not good, the temperature is too high lead to the projector self-protection and turn off.

Our current polysilicon LCD panels are generally only 1.3 inches, and some are even only 0.7 inches, and the resolution has reached 1024X768 or 800X600, which means that each pixel is only 0.02mm, dust particles enough to block it. Because the projector's LCD panel has sufficient heat dissipation, a dedicated fan typically blows air at a flow rate of several tens of liters per minute. High-speed air may also carry fine dust particles after filtering through the dust net. They rub against each other to generate static electricity. Adsorption in the cooling system, this will have an impact on the projection screen. Therefore, dust prevention is very important in the environment where the projector is used because dust particles are more easily absorbed in the optical system. Therefore, filter the air filter at the air inlet regularly or periodically.
The current polycrystalline silicon LCD panels are relatively afraid of high temperature, and newer models are equipped with temperature sensors near the LCD panel. When the air inlet and filter mesh are blocked and the airflow is not smooth, the temperature inside the projector will rapidly increase. The temperature sensor will alarm and cut off the lamp circuit immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the air inlet open and clean the filter in time.

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