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Remote Control Circuit Board Replacement


Remote Control Circuit Board Replacement



The remote control circuit board interprets the infrared signals from the projector remote, as well as the signals from the buttons on top of the projector. If the remote stops functioning properly even with new batteries and the buttons on the top of the projector cease working, a faulty remote control circuit board is likely the culprit. But how to make replacement? Let’s use InFocus LP435Z as example.


Step 1 External Shell


Place the projector on its back (buttons down) with the lens facing away from you.

Remove the two 84mm screws in the upper left and right corners of the projector using the Phillips #2 screwdriver.

Remove the remaining three 8.5mm screws using the Phillips #1 screwdriver.


Step 2


Use the plastic opening tools to push down the clips holding the lamp cover in place, and remove it.

There is no lamp assembly in the projector used in this guide, yours may appear different.


Step 3


Remove the two 8.5mm rear screws holding the rear case plate to the projector using the Phillips #1 screwdriver.

Pull the rear plate straight off and set it aside.


Step 4


Flip the projector over and turn around so that the lens faces you.

Twist the gray zoom adjustment ring clockwise and extend the lens all the way out, and then slide the zoom adjustment ring all the way towards the end of the lens as far as it will go.

Slide the front case plate towards the loosened zoom adjustment ring, until the top plate of the projector is freed from underneath the lip of the front case plate.

The front case plate will not come all the way off due to the zoom adjustment ring obstructing it. It will merely slide forward a bit.



Step 5


Lift away the top case plate and set it aside.





Step 6 Remote Control Circuit Board


Finally, to remove the remote control board, simply disconnect it from the logic board underneath it by gently pulling it up from the edge closest to you, wiggling it if necessary..

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