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Projection screen color cast


 Projection screen color cast

Failure phenomenon:

The color of the image projected by the projector is obviously greenish, reddish or other colors. The problem persists after restarting the projector and computer.

problem analysis:

The projector has a color cast phenomenon. The first thing may be that the color temperature adjustment and gamma adjustment of the projector have changed. Generally, you can try to restore the factory default state. If the problem still cannot be solved, it may be a problem with the VGA signal line. You can check if there are bent or broken pins on the cable, or if they are loose.


First plug the loose cable tightly to see if the problem is solved. If you find that the cable has a broken needle or a bent pin, you need to replace the cable. At the same time, when the socket of the cable is not found to be faulty, the connection line of a certain color may be broken internally, and the connection line needs to be replaced again. If it is determined that the color cast phenomenon still occurs when the connection line is intact, it may be caused by damage to the LCD panel.

The most common fault phenomena and initial solutions for several projectors are listed above.

However, no matter what kind of projector malfunctions, the user can't start the inspection without authorization, because there are basically no user-maintainable parts inside the machine, and the high-voltage components in the projector may cause serious injury to the human body. Therefore, when purchasing a projector, not only must you choose good products, find the price, but also choose a good business, and figure out the after-sales maintenance status, so that there will be no worries.

Here are some maintenance quotations for the maintenance organization for reference. Although the maintenance cost of the projector is very large, it is even less worthwhile to be slaughtered by JS for the sake of cheapness. Therefore, I recommend to the maintenance organization with better reputation. Or repairs at special service points of each brand.

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