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Projector maintenance tips


Projector maintenance tips

1. Please do not last projection for more than 4 hours

The projector should not be working for more than four hours at a time. Otherwise, the projector will emit a lot of heat during long working hours, and projector lamp will also generate high temperature. That will be easy to weaken the lamp brightness

2. There should be a short interval when switch the projector

It needs about 5-minute interval to make projector cool down when the projector is switched between the power-on state and the power-off state. Since the projector power supply uses electronic components such as transformer, power switch tube..., these components may generate large power loss, heat during the frequent switching, thereby the internal working temperature of the projector is too high and make the lamp burst. In addition, if we switch the projector working state frequently, The projector will also be constantly subjected to strong electric current surges, which will shorten projector lifetime.

3. Do not do inspection and repair by ourselves

The internal structure of the projector is extremely complicated, and a slight change in the position of any accessory may prevent the projector from working properly. Therefore, no matter what kind of fault occurs, the user can't disassemble to do inspection and repair by themselves. If have any projector problems, please contact with local dealer repair service or skilled maintenance staff.

4. Avoid violent vibration

Since the projector is a combination of electronic and Because the projector is a combination of electronic components and optics components, Violent vibration will make the internal optical path of the projector misplaced and cannot be imaged normally. Therefore, do not move or bump when the projector is working.

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