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Identifying an expired projector lamp




  1. 1. Top of lamp module

  2. 2. Lamp connector

  3. 3. Air cups

  4. 4. Lamp wires

  5. 5. Bulb module (this is the shape of the bulb inside the lamp module)

Indications of an expired projector lamp

The following five visible indicators help you recognize an expired projector lamp:

  •  1. Cloudy bulb - A cloudy bulb may reduce image brightness. The projector lamp will appear to have white or black deposits on the inside of the bulb. These deposits are a sign of normal wear and tear. Replace the projector lamp if the brightness is inadequate.

  •  2. Disconnected or broken wires - If the lamp wires are broken, the lamp will not ignite. Replace the lamp if the wires are broken or contact us for new wires, we may be able to supply them.

  •  3. Deformed bulb - A deformed bulb will reduce image brightness. A bulb is deformed when the bulb envelope expands into an irregular, round shape. Replace the projector lamp if it becomes deformed.

  •  4. Debris on bulb end - If the lamp will not ignite, the bulb seal may have broken. When the bulb seal is broken, debris from the bulb will form at the break. Most of the times, this is at the bulb tip.

  •  5. Broken bulb - The projector lamp will not ignite if it is broken. Sometimes you will hear an abnormal sound when you try to start the projector. Please refer to your projector's safety instructions for more information about handling broken projector lamps.

  • 6. Obviously if the lamp has exploded it is time to replace the projector lamp.


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