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How to replace a projector lamp


Step 1: Collect the necessary tools

A manual screwdriver, a soft and non-abrasive cloth

Step 2: Turn off projector

Properly turn off the power of projector after the unit has cooled down totally.


Step 3: Remove projector lamp compartment panel

The projector lamp compartment panel usually should be located underneath the unit. There are about 4 pieces screws and kindly use the manual screwdriver to remove screws from the compartment panel.


Step 4: Remove the old projector lamp

Carefully take the old lamp out and completely disconnect any power cables that may still be connected with the old lamp. Then please put it aside to distinguish it from your new projector lamp.


Step 5: Clean projector lamp compartment

Using the soft and non-abrasive cloth to clean up any dust from the projector lamp compartment.


Step 6: Insert new projector lamp unit

Carefully put the new projector lamp into the same location that the original lamp came out. Remember to reconnect any power cables to the new lamp once the new lamp inserted correctly.


Step 7: Set projector amp compartment door back

As before, kindly set the lamp compartment panel back with screws.


Step 8: Reset the projector lamp timer

Check projector main menu to reset the projector lamp timer.


Step 9: Finish

Congratulation! You're done! Restart your enjoyable time with your projector. And make sure you have backup lamp in hand to avoid the lamp run out unexpectedly. Click here to get a backup lamp: www.good-lamps.com

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