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What can I do to help my projector lamp last longer?


There are several things you can do to increase your lamp life. 

1.Do not allow the projector to become overheated by ensuring that there is adequate clearance near the intake and exhaust vents. 

2.Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment. 

3.Clean air filters every 3 months or more often if there is a lot of dust or contaminants in the room. 

4.Striking the lamp ages the lamp as it causes slight changes to the shape of the electrodes that light the lamp, so light up your projector when you're ready to use it and avoid frequent on and offs

5.Avoid shock to the lamp or projector. 

If your projector has this feature, Use "Lamp Economy Mode" to lengthen the life of the lamp by reducing its brightness. 

In most cases you will get a 50% increase in lamp life with a 20% reduction in brightness and you will not likely notice the reduced lumen output. 

Allow the projector fan to turn off after you power down and before you unplug the projector. 

The only exception to this is a projector that is designed to keep the fan turning for a brief period after removing power.

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