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Projector lamp BL-FS300A/SP.89601.001/EC.J0901.001/78-6969-9918-0/LKDX70

Projector lamp BL-FS300A/SP.89601.001/EC.J0901.001/78-6969-9918-0/LKDX70

Suitable projector models
3m DX70DS; DX70; ACER PD725; PD725P; OPTOMA EP759; EZPRO 759; Geha COMPACT 220; Geha COMPACT 220+
50*55 / P-VIP250/1.3 E21.8
OEM bulb brand
Life time
8 months
Delivery time
Within 24 hours
Shipping terms
Natural packing/OEM packing
TT,Paypal, Western Union etc.
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Suitable projector models 3M:

3m DX70DS; DX70; ACER PD725; PD725P; OPTOMA EP759; EZPRO 759; Geha COMPACT 220; Geha COMPACT 220+

Product description

Our original projector lamps all use genuine original Osram, Philips, ushio, Phoenix bulbs, Epson, Panasonic OEM bulbs, 100% brightness, long working life of more than 2500 Hours and enjoy an 8-month warranty. Compatible projector lamps use high-quality burner, brightness can reach about 90% of the original lighting bulbs.   


     Product parameters
3M DT00601 / 78-6969-9719-2 / SP-LAMP-016 / SP-LAMP-LP755 / ZU0212 04 4010 / TLPLX45 / RLC-006 / 456-8942HITACHI CP-X1230; CP-X1230W; CP-X1250; CP-X1250J; CP-X1250W; CP-X1350; CP-SX1350; CP-SX1350W;CP-HX6300; CP-HX6500A; CP-HX6500; CP-HSX8500; HCP-6300; HCP-6500; HCP-7500X;ASK  C440; C450; C460; BENQ  PB9200; PE9200; BOXLIGHT  MP-58I; DUKANE  IMAGE PRO 8940; IMAGE PRO 8942; IMAGE PRO 9135; ELMO  EDP-X900; HUSTEM  SRP-3540; INFOCUS  C450; C460; DP8500X; LP850; LP860; LIESEGANG  DV 880 FLEX; DV560; DV880; PROXIMA  DP-8500X; TOSHIBA  TLP-SX3500; TLP-X4500; TLP-X4500U; VIEWSONIC  PJ1172NSH310H1165*70DC USHIO
3MDT00771 / 78-6969-9893-5 / RLC-021 / 456-8943HITACHI CP-X505; CP-X605; CP-X608; HCP-6600X; HCP-6800X; HCP-7000X;DUKANE  IMAGE PRO 8943; IMAGE PRO 8944; VIEWSONIC  PJ1158NSH285W60*60DC USHIO
3M DT00871 / RLC-038 / 003-120457-01 / 456-8948 / 78-6969-9998-2 / 78-6969-9930-5 / 997-5214-00HITACHI CP-X615; CP-X705; CP-X807; CP-X809; CP-X809W; CP-SX635; CP-WX625; HCP-7100X; HCP-7600X; HCP-8000X; CHRISTIE LW400; LWU400; LX400; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8948; VIEWSONIC PJ1173NSHA275SO
3MDT00731 / RLC-013, RBB-003 / 78-6969-9861-2 / 456-8755D3M S55i, 3M X55i, Dukane Image Pro 8065, Dukane Image Pro 8755D, Dukane Image Pro 8755D-RJ, Elmo EDP-X350, Hitachi CP-HX2075, Hitachi CP-HX2175, Hitachi CP-S240, Hitachi CP-S245, Hitachi CP-S255, Hitachi CP-X240, Hitachi CP-X250, Hitachi CP-X250J, Hitachi CP-X250WF, Hitachi CP-X250WNUF, Hitachi CP-X255, Hitachi CP-X8225, Hitachi CP-X8250, Hitachi ED-X8250, Hitachi ED-X8255, Liesegang dv470, Viewsonic PJ656, Viewsonic PJ656DHS180AR12-2E50*50ACMATSUSHITA
3M DT00751 / 78-6969-9875-2 /  RLC-017 / 456-8776Hitachi CP-HX2075A, CP-HX2090, CP-X251, CP-X256, ED-X10, ED-X12, ED-X15, ED-X1092, HCP-50X,CP-X260,CP-X260J, CP-X265,CP-X267,CP-X268,CP-X268A,CP-X268AJ,HCP-500X,HCP-580X, HX-3180, HX-3188, 3M X62, X62W, DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8776, IMAGE PRO 8776 RJ, VIEWSONIC PJ658HS200AR10-2E50*50ACMATSUSHITA
3MDT00821 / RLC-039 / 78-6969-9946-1 / 456-87833M WX20, Dukane Image Pro 8783, Hitachi CP-X264, Hitachi CP-X3, Hitachi CP-X5, Hitachi CP-X5W, Hitachi CP-X6, Hitachi CPX5J, Hitachi HCP-600X, Hitachi HCP-610X, Hitachi HCP-78WX, Hitachi HCP-78XW, Viewsonic PJ3211, Viewsonic PJ359W, Viewsonic PJL3211UHB200/140W 1.0    50*50ACMATSUSHITA
3M DT00781 / 78-6969-9903-2 / RLC-027 / 456-8770Hitachi CP-X1; CP-X2; CP-X4; CP-X253; CP-70XH; CP-75XH; CP-76X; CP-RX70; ED-X20; ED-X22; HCP-60X; HCP-60XH; HCP-70X; HCP-75X; HCP-76X; MP-J1EF; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8770; VIEWSONIC PJ358
3MDT00691 / 78-6969-9797-8 / 78-6969-9852-1 / RLC-003 / 456-8915HITACHI  CP-X440; CP-X443; CP-X444; CP-X445; CP-X455; CP-HX3080; CP-HX4050; CP-HX4060; CP-HX4080; CP-HX4090; HCP-6200X; BOXLIGHT MP-60I; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8911; IMAGE PRO 8914; IMAGE PRO 8915; LIESEGANG DV420; DV485; VIEWSONIC PJ862 HSCR230H13H55*55ACIwasaki
3MDT00841 / 456-8755G / RLC-031 / RBB-009H / 78-6966-9917-2 / 78-6969-9917-2 3M CL66X, 3M X64, 3M X66, Dukane Image Pro 8755G, Dukane Image Pro 8755G-RJ, Dukane Image Pro 8755H, Dukane Image Pro 8781, Dukane Image Pro 8782, Dukane Image Pro 8912, Dukane Image Pro 8913, Hitachi CP-X200, Hitachi CP-X205, Hitachi CP-X30, Hitachi CP-X300, Hitachi CP-X300WF, Hitachi CP-X305, Hitachi CP-X308, Hitachi CP-X308J, Hitachi CP-X32, Hitachi CP-X400, Hitachi CP-X400J, Hitachi CP-X417, Hitachi CP-X417J, Hitachi CP-X417WF, Hitachi ED-X30, Hitachi ED-X32, Hitachi HCP-800X, Hitachi HCP-80X, Hitachi HCP-880X, Hitachi HCP-890X, Viewsonic PJ758, Viewsonic PJ759, Viewsonic PJ760NSHA220HI50*50ACUSHIO
3MDT01025 / 78-6972-0008-33M X30; 3M X30N; 3M X31; 3M X35N; 3M X36; 3M X46;  Dukane ImagePro 8919H-RJ; Hitachi CP-X2510NUHP210/140W50*50ACPHILIPS

Goodlamps can provide as below for your choices;


    1.OEM/OM =Original lamp module and original packing


    2.OWH/OBH=Original lamp with housing


    3.OB=Original bare bulb


    4.CWH/CBH=Compatible lamp with housing


    5.CB=Compatible bare bulb


    6. DMD chip and LCD panel


    7. Power supply


    8. Color wheel, remote control and so on


After installing new bulb, the lamp timer needs to be reset. Please consult your owner's manual for information on resetting the lamp timer.


If the lamps you want are not listed in our web, welcome to contact us to check the stockage.

     Application scope

Our projector lamps are widely used for Movie Theatre, Home Cinema, Meeting Room, Educational Institution (school, trainning,museum..), Government Project etc.

 Product Shipping

We have a stable freight forwarding company that has been cooperating for more than ten years. We have a fast delivery time and reasonable freight rates. We support UPS, DHL, FEDEX, EMS and other transportation methods. We will quote the most reasonable freight and shipping method for your reference based on the address and order number you provided. If you have a cooperating shipping company or courier account, you can use it too.

     Warranty & Return

240 Days warranty from the purchased date. Please E-mail us before returning any item.    


1.For ensuring all the lamps are in good quality, we will test all products before sending out.

2. Return lamps should include the original packaging and all accessories which it has previous.

3. When you find any quality problem once getting our lamps, please return us within 1 week's time.


We can accept Paypal,Western Union, Telegraph Transfer etc.

1,Paypal will occur bank charge, its 4% of total value. For first cooperation, small value, urgent to get order, we suggest to use this way.

2,T/T is $10 per payment, if total value more than $1000, we suggest this way.

3,Western Union, our bank won’t charge any fees, it only charge in your bank, you can contact with your bank to know about how much it will take, different country will have different fees.


     Our services

Dear, we have about 18 years experience in projector lamps field,these are our services;

  • 01
    We support refund or exchange without any reason within 7 days once you get our package.
  • 02
    All of our lamps will enjoy much longer warranty time than others, 8 months for original lamps and 4 months for compatible lamps.Any quality problems of projector lamps during warranty time are within our warranty scope, such as blasted lamp, not bright, dim brightness or all kinds of problems during transportation etc.
  • 03
    If you need to buy lamps as stock, we can calculate warranty time according to the date that you send lamps out to the customers. (However, please record the specific shipping date and keep us posted in advance).
  • 04
    If your customers need to buy lamps as stock, we can calculate warranty time according to the specific installation date the customers  (However, please record the specific installation date and keep us posted in advance).
  • 05
    If any problem appears during warranty period, please share us projector lamps photos per side, including lamp rear, lamp cup, lamp burner, lamp housing, and photo with our warranty date mark (like “DD18.2.6” )etc.
  • 06
    If have any lamps quality problem within our warranty scope, and we have confirmed the photos that you sent, in order to make sure the customer could get the replacement lamps, we can ship the new lamps for your replacement. As for the failed projector lamps, you can send back to us while you are convenient.


Q: Why Choose Guangzhou goodalmps for Your Replacements?

-We only sell 100% BRAND NEW replacement lamps directly from the manufacturer.

-Our high quality replacement lamps last much longer than the imitations and provide brighter, cleaner light source.

-We offer best price with high quality replacement lamps and have the biggest selection of brands.                                                                                                                

-We can make a contract. Which will be including payment term& delivery term.We will sign our boss name and official seal with legal benefit. 


Q: Why do customers trust us?

-Just give us a chance to do a win-win business with you, we will try our best to meet your needs, with our professional and honest service.  


Q:How to order?

A.First, please send us your purchase order, including model number, quantity, shipping address, contact person, contact phone number... (by the way, if you have your specified shipping forwarding, please advise us. Or we we can help you to choose a more reasonable shipping method and shipping cost will be shown on the PI)

B.We will send a PI with total amount of the order for your confirmation (including payment method term, etc.)

C.Please share us payment receipt once you confirm the order and finish transfer.

D.We will confirm the transfer with our financial department and arrange shipment timely. 

We will follow up the shipment progress and update you the tracking number once send out the order.

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