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Lamps - Terminology involved


What is the difference between a bulb and a lamp?

A lamp consists of a bulb with a reflector and cage - also known as lamp housing. A bulb is just one part of a lamp. Think of it this way ... a lamp is like an ink cartridge whereas the bulb is just the ink.

Most people however refer to the lamp unit as a bulb - hence our company being named Projector Bulbs even though we sell projector lamps!
What does lamp life / lamp hours mean?
On our website, we show the life time of a lamp in hours. This information is provided by the manufacturer / supplier and shows the average life time under ideal conditions. Lamp life results will vary based on the projector mode selected, environmental conditions and usage.  High surrounding temperature or bad ventilation as well as many on / off cycles can shorten the lamp life significantly. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

What does “OEM” lamp mean?
OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) lamps are lamps as they are originally supplied originally with the projector. The bulb as well as the housing are made by the original manufacturer of the projector lamps. For projectors still under warranty we strongly recommend using only OEM lamps.

What does “OBH” lamp mean?
OBH (or Original Bulb in Housing) lamps still have an original bulb, but the housing is made by a large housing manufacturer. As the bulb is the same as in the OEM lamps, these lamps have the same performance as the original lamp. These lamps are a more economical option for projectors no longer under warranty.

What does "ABH" lamp mean?
ABH (Assembled Bulb with Housing) lamps contain bulbs which are made from original parts but not assembled - and therefore not tested - by the original manufacturer of the bulb parts. Unfortunately some suppliers sell these lamps as OBH / OWH lamps, though this is not quite correct. We do not sell this type of lamps.

What does "CBH" / "CWH" lamp mean?
CBH or CWH (Compatible Bulb With Housing) lamps do not contain original parts. The bulbs as well as the housings are made by a large projector lamp manufacturer. The price is substantially lower than for OEM or OBH lamps. The over-all performance of these lamps is about 90% of OEM or OBH lamps. We do not recommend these lamps for usage in a professional environment.

What does "EHP, HID, ..." mean?
EHP = Efficient High Power lamp
HID = High Intensity Discharge
HSCR = High Pressure Discharge lamp (IWASAKI)
NSH = New Short-Arc High Pressure lamp (USHIO)
P-VIP = Premium Video Projector lamp (OSRAM)
SHP = Super High Pressure lamp (PHOENIX)
UHB = Ultra High Brightness lamp
UHE = Ultra High Efficiency lamp
UHP = Ultra High Performance lamp (PHILIPS)
UHM = Ultra High Performance lamp (MATSUSHITA / PANASONIC)
VIP = Video Projector lamp

Do you sell refurbished lamps?
Refurbished lamps use compatible bulbs and recycled or refurbished housings. We do not sell any of those lamps.

Can I buy a bare bulb (lamp without housing)?
As the bulb is the most expensive part of the lamp, it is usually not economical to replace only the bulb. Nevertheless, e.g for older projectors where the housing is no longer available, we sell bare bulbs. Warranty for these bare bulbs does not cover any damage related to fitting the bulb in the housing.

The website says the lamp contains a Phoenix bulb, but the lamp I received is a Philips bulb?
Our suppliers use only bulbs from the main bulb manufacturers Iwasaki, Matsushita, Osram, Philips, Phoenix or Ushio. It is the manufacturer’s discretion to choose a bulb e.g. based on availability.

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